Tuesday, April 09, 2013

But What do Birds Leave Behind of the Wings That They Came With?

Listening to Ms. Rickie Lee Jones can sometimes take me into one of those moods that all I see are images and notions and inspirations and those aweful hurt feelings…

And that was what happened to me one night when I fell for Skeletons…

"Oh, these things that grow out of the things that we give," she crooned, "but what do birds leave behind of the wings that they came with?"

What about you?  And the wings that you came with?

Just saying...

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Gemma Kahng FW2013 Presentation

All photos courtesy Zimbio.com

Gemma Kahng FW2013 Presentation

The Place: Dark and almost inapproachable, this prewar building in the lower eastside Manhattan. Save for the fashionable queue outside in the freezing weather, who would have guessed of its posh interior. But once past the heavy metal double doors, the room seemed to vibrate with… gold: gold leaf vaulted ceiling reflecting golden glow from giant crystal chandeliers, gold human skulls embedded in the walls on both sides, gold chains draping as curtains. Goldbar, it seemed like an apt setting to find Nick, Jay and Daisy partying had they gone a little… Goth.

The Fashion: Just that, a little Goth, and quite a bit of golden day Hollywood glamour. Gemma Kahng took her inspiration from the Golden Era and carefully added some Eskimos/Native Americans touches. That meant fur and leather and feathers mixed with silk and satin ruffles, ruches and drapes. The resulting silhouette was strong yet sexy and glamorous, while the color palette was dark, rich navy, lush black, accentuated by vibrant red, and few winter whites. The entire collection was designed with a modern woman in mind, playful, mysterious and definitely sexy in her vintage mood, presented on 17 models in modern hair style and make-up reminiscing sci-fi heroines.

The Vibe: As lounge music pulsating in the cave-like space, the well dress crowd gathered around the models scrutinizing the new collection. Taittinger champagne was flowing continuously; the spirit was decidedly bubbly. Models and fashionistas alike posed for flashed cameras and smart phones in their rush to record the last event of the New York Fashion Week Fall and Winter 2013.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Back Stage at Gemma Kahng FW2013

As Gemma Kahng was frantically getting her FW2013 collection together for the NYFW, she took time out and texting us to see if Misha, Lauren & Chloé could make it to NYC for her show, meaning as mannequins. After much discussion, we arranged to get into NYC at about noon on Thursday, the last day of NYFW.

Our schedule: Fly into NYC at 11:30, stop by our place to leave the luggage, then take the subway to Chelsea to Gemma’s studio for fitting and everything else, show time, afterparty, sleep (very little), catch the early morning flight out of NYC, back to home.

We also had Jhane Hoang, who recently freelanced in street fashion photography for a magazine, to attend the show with us.

To our surprise, we ran into Dennis Clendennen who did the hair for Lauren & Chloe photoshoot with Debbie Porter for Yellow Magazine ‘s anniversary issue. The photographer was Jay Marroquin who we kept running into each other at fashion events in Houston. Small yet exciting world.

Some back stage photos of interest...

Chloe in a reflective moment while waiting for H&MU, and Misha after initial hair treatment.

Unfortunately, before the final dressing, I had to run back to the appartment to get ready for the show...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Vintage Mood

Adopt, an Event

In the name of Dec My Room, a charity aiming to help long-term child patients to feel more at home in their hospital rooms, a runway was set up at Tootsie’s with a mix group of models and socialites to walk the walk and a fashionable crowd to line the seats at this fund-raising event on a week night in February.

And only a few photos survived the night out…


Friday, February 08, 2013

The Nguyen Sisters for Jose Sanchez at BMW Lunar NY Party

Then came the day of the presentation of Jose Sanchez...

And of course, we had to be... late...

Then came the after-party...

And my parting shot of Danner...