Thursday, March 10, 2011

Behind an editorial photoshoot

Since Viet Hoang of the Yellow Magazine texted me saying that he wanted to use Lauren & Chloe for the April issue editorial, and that he would like to arrange the shoot at our house, I realized we had but 3 days to put the place back in order.  And more.  It meant that all of the recently travelling clothes and ski gears had to disappear.  It also meant that all the dead plants from the last winter freeze had to be replaced, the courtyard swept, the windows & doors washed, the artworks stacked along the walls hung, the new flower arrangements made.   And it seemed that one thing would lead to another; before long, tidying up turned into a massive cleaning marathon.

So by 9:30 this morning, exhausted and sleep deprived, we felt somewhat relieved that the house was in order, warmly lit in candle light, bathed in the aroma of freshly baked breakfast pastries, and the coffee… oops, it broke.  For the second time, the Miele machine refused to brew a cup of espresso.  It went through the whole commotion, but only hot water came out.  Arrgh... Luckily, Duyen remembered the old Nespresso machine with colorful aluminum capsules that we had not touched for 2 years.
By 10:30 the crew started coming in: Marc Sifuentes, the stylist from New York City, with his assistant, the multitalented Tatiana Massey, Tree, the hair and make-up artist slash Pilate-soon-certified-instructor (with a couple books on the way of life waiting to be published), and finally Jhane Hoang, the photographer (another new yorker).  Without Viet Hoang, who came down with a flu and could not come, I was unsure about about the shoot.  I took Marc and Tatiana on a tour of the house so that they can pick out where they want the photographs taken.  And since I was unfamiliar with  Jhane’s works, Marc was really nice to launched her web page on his laptop to show me.  I instantly fell in love with the way she used back-lit lighting to frame the models’ faces, the way the warm and cool lights created tension in the composition.  Marc also showed me the idea that he had for this shoot, which was very ethereal and light, with waif like models in smoky eyes and laces strewn across furniture.  Unfortunately, I had to leave for work just when the shoot really began.

As it turned out, Tatiana was a member of the creative team of the Texas Artist Today.  We were thrilled that she was one of the talents behind the beautiful creation; she was overjoyed that we had the book right there on our coffee table.  It was such an auspicious moment.
The shoot wrapped up at about 8 PM.  Everyone was tired but quite happy and excited about the upcoming issue.  Jhane had over thousand of shots, but seemed happy with what she did.  Asian Vogue, anyone?

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